New Order

Board of Contributors

The DAO will hold an election to select a “Board of Contributors” that will hold the below mentioned roles:
  • Maintain the bounty list
  • Serve as the liaison between the community and the contributors
  • Set and regularly recalibrate bounty rewards
  • Track bounty reward distribution
  • Elevate bounties
The Board of Contributors will consist of 3-5 members, which will be held for re-election every 4 months. The list of bounties would further be changed at least monthly to represent updated protocol needs.

How will the submissions be processed?

A separate #Contributors-program channel is set up in discord which would be used for submissions. Please send a message to the channel with the following information:
  • Name of bounty
  • Link to and brief description of the deliverable
  • Roadblocks they faced
  • Feedback for improving the bounty
The message should be sent within the timeframe provided on the bounty for it to be considered.

Contribution Rewards

Rewards will be set by the Board and re-calibrated at the beginning of each month.

How will the bounties be evaluated?

The Board of Contributors will evaluate the correctly submitted bounties in a 72 hour time frame.
The evaluation will include:
  • Name of bounty Discord name of bounty claimer Feedback on bounty Evaluation status (approved, denied, etc.) Reward and timeline for receiving reward