New Order


[REDACTED] is a first of its kind decentralized voting alliance that combines proven tokenomic designs from protocols like OlympusDAO with Curve and Convex to create an innovative new model that increases the value, traction and adoption of all three ecosystems. Our intention is to further democratize and incentivize the adoption of Curve, Convex and Olympus by putting the good faith, long-term backers of these projects at the forefront of our users, increasing their yield and voting weight by aggregating liquidity under a new meta-token model and improved governance process.
We want to normalize the idea that veCRV voting alliances can work in tandem to promote and grow Curve. Centralization is the reason why we all left the siloed legacy financial space for DeFi. We want to approach the issue a step at a time. By disrupting the current environment, we are paving the way for other protocols to further create utility around the CRV token and organize voting cohorts to all be active members in the ecosystem.
Each alliance surrounding Curve would operate in the best interests of its stakers, creating strong representation for each group of likeminded users. By encouraging the creation of more voting groups, each user in the ecosystem will be able to find the optimal protocol to use based on their values and goals. The existence of a multitude of different like-minded groups will increase the utility received by the users, resulting in the growth and betterment of the Curve ecosystem as a whole, and to the benefit of all groups involved.
As part of our incubation agreement, New Order will receive 10% of the pBTRFLY allocation, equalling 2.5m tokens. Read more about pTokens here.
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