New Order


$NEWO Value

  • The NEWO token is the native token of New Order. Token holders hold governance rights and allow its holders to participate in directing the path of the protocol.
  • $NEWO receives 5-15% of each incubated project's supply through flexible incubation terms. By staking $NEWO into the single side vault or in LP, you not only accrue the APY, you are also exposed to potential airdrops and whitelists from each respective incubated project.
  • Treasury Growth
    • NEWO holders are also exposed to the growth of the treasury, as the token holders govern incubation efforts. Every incubated project will be discussed and voted on by the NEWO holders. Specifics of engagements, funding allocations and project direction will be ideated alongside the community, to ensure that incubation is permissionless and community led.
    • NEWO treasury will be professionally managed by the Treasury Sub DAO, ensuring a risk adjusted approach to treasury growth. NEWO holders will vote on the employed strategies, which would include assets like stable coins, large cap crytos, incubated project tokens and NEWO itself.
  • Airdrops
    • NEWO lockers will be eligible for airdrops from incubated projects. Incubated projects that are keen on distributing a portion of their supply to aligned participants will allocate an airdrop to NEWO stakers. It is important to note that incubated projects will differ in their approach to launching, where some might prefer a fair launch. New Order wants to ensure that incubated projects have the freedom to choose the most preferable approach to market, and thus will always support creative freedom.
  • veNEWO
    • A Vote Escrow model for NEWO will be introduced in early May. This will be tailored to allocate rewards based on locker conviction. In this approach NEWO holders would be able to lock their tokens for varying periods of time to receive boosts on protocol perks. Such perks include: governance power, protocol emissions, treasury yield sharing and incubated project airdrops. Pivoting from a governance model to a direct utility model transforms $NEWO into a token akin to a yield generating index of DeFi.

How is New Order governed?

  • In order to participate in governance, holders have to be staked in the single sided vault. The single sided vault allows generates staking rewards and voting power. Staked LP positions do not have the ability to vote, but are entitled to a higher APR.

Core Contributing Team

Co-founder Eden Dhaliwal who was a Partner & Head of Crypto at Outlier Ventures and also a mentor at many top accelerator/founder programs including OV Basecamp, Gitcoin KERNEL, Creative Destruction Lab, B-Hub Europe, etc.
Co-Founder Marek Laskowski is operating as the lead developer and CTO. Before joining New Order Marek was the Senior Research Scientist at BlockScience. Further, he earned his Ph.D. and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and was working as a Research Analyst and lecturer at York University.
Sami is a leading DeFi strategist. He is the founder of [REDACTED] Cartel and co-founder of New Order. Was a long time researcher at Messari.
Che is a co-founder of [REDACTED], and an avid DeFi investor who leads Growth and Business development.