New Order

Introducing New Order


New Order is a community-driven venture DAO with a focus on building DeFi startups through Incubation and Acceleration. In contrast to traditional venture platforms that provide capital, we instead offer valuable resources, expertise, and essentially us a Co-Founder.
New Order was created with the vision of being a self-governing venture platform positioned to facilitate the edge-of-the-edge of DeFi. We believe that the immense opportunities of decentralized finance can only be rendered through embracing collaboration, non-segregation, and multi-chain at its base.
Web3, as compared to the legacy internet of the present, is best utilized through collaboration and communal contribution as opposed to the oligopolistic domination witnessed today. This vision has yet to be widely developed in the blockchain space, and thus is largely bottlenecked by the lack of interoperability — this is exactly why we have introduced New Order.