New Order


New Order will be launching the most innovative multi-chain projects that are focused on machine learning and new digital asset classes. We house industry leading experts with vast experience providing a support net to projects entering as innovative Web3 networks. Having successfully launched [REDACTED], OptyFi and H20 we have the required expertise to incubate the next breakthrough projects, and house synergies for growth. Our strong and involved community will be able to guide and launch your venture, and provide continuing support through our Dapp marketplace.

What can be expected from a Partnership with us?

  • Growth opportunities
    Utilize our community of industry professionals including developers, traders and yield strategists to get the needed insight to scale your projects liquidity and community.
  • Networking
    Our resourceful network has access to a wide range of VC’s, PR companies and exchanges. In order to complement your growth, we will provide you with the needed contacts tailored for your needs.
  • Fundraising
    From pre-launch SAFT sales to post-launch treasury sales, we will be assisting our projects through introductions to top-tier blockchain funds. Further, we will be providing the required resources to bootstrap your idea. We will guide you through the whole fundraising project, from pre-lunch SAFT sales to post-launch treasury sales.
  • Token design and protocol architecture
    To lay robust groundwork for your projects success we will exercise our core team and partners to provide you with the required expertise for token and Dapp engineering. We will tailor the design of tokens, liquidity mines and treasury management practices to your needs.
  • Development and security
    Tapping into our vast community of developers, we will source the needed professionals to join your team. We will ensure that the best smart contract and security practices are maintained pre and post launch.