New Order


Yield was the "killer application" that brought DeFi to the world's attention. But we are still at a very early stage. The current status of DeFi yield consists of fragmented yield aggregation apps with hand-picked and inflexible yield strategies. Until DeFi is able to offer a user experience and technical sophistication comparable to TradFi, we will not achieve mainstream (retail or institutional) adoption. OptyFi aims to deliver the user experience and technical sophistication of traditional asset management while preserving the ground-breaking advantages of decentralization.
OptyFi is a multichain yield optimizer that functions utilizing an on-chain strategy execution engine that allows for leveraged, multi-step yield strategies all while being chain agnostic. As per New Order's vision of chain non-tribalism, OptyFi will be launching vaults on the Ethereum, Binance smart chain and Polygon with an extension to further networks currently under development. Presence of vaults on different chains allows OptyFi to execute yield strategies cross chain, increasing the reach of the protocol and ensuring the highest yields are achieved. OptyFi will further be integrated with New Order, as the DAO’s first native vaults will be hosted and maintained by OptyFi.
OptyFi was the first project incubated by New Orders launchpad to receive seed stage support. To continue supporting and ensuring growth of OptyFi, New Order will provide further investments and additional allocation of native tokens to ensure short term liquidity mining yields and to cover the costs of maintaining New Order's own native vaults. OptyFi’s approach to chain agnostic yield aggregation set the project as a central figure in the New Order ecosystem. With the immense synergies achieved through common underlying vision and goals, there is no other project having better positioning for hosting and maintaining New Orders native multichain vaults. By assisting the launch and subsequent growth of the project, New Order is able to evolve their own vaults into a marketplace for competitive and sustainable cross chain yields.
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