New Order

Driving DAO Innovation

The introduction of a fully decentralized incubator allows for community members to democratically allocate funding and applicable resources to projects of their choice. Allowing for a decentralized decision mechanism that will support projects that are considered to be the most innovative and containing the highest growth potential. The primary criteria that would guide the decisions would be a focus on the web3 ecosystem, introduction of new asset classes and multi-chain operability. These criteria were carefully chosen to ensure that the most disrupting technologies are at the forefront of DAO resource allocation.
Following our mission of supporting a multi-chain ecosystem, we are faced with issues around efficient cross chain governance. In order to combat the inefficiencies we will employ a unique multi-chain approach through working with industry multi-chain governance pioneers - Kleros and Gnosis. Gnosis and Kleros provide innovative solutions that carefully balance security and decentralization with a focus on operational efficiency. With this partnership in place, New Order governance will be able to operate on multiple chains simultaneously, allowing the community to participate without the need to bridge their tokens and incur unnecessary fees. This solution is the first implementation of a governance system that is agnostic to the chain that the tokens are settled on, utilizing industry leading security of Gnosis Safe’s multi-signature vaults and treasury management products, accompanied by the secure arbitration mechanism available at Kleros.
During the design process of New Order we were challenged with creating a multi-chain governance solution that not only employed an emphasis on decentralization, but channeled efficiencies that dwarf those present on a single chain. In cooperation with Gnosis and Kleros we were able to achieve and surpass the required permissionless, secure and efficient standart governance architecture present on a single chain, on a multi-chain governance mechanism. The partnership with Gnosis will allow us to utilize the SafeSnap module to enforce accurate execution of community governance proposals on chain, while Kleros provides the needed decentralized arbitration mechanism to allow for dispute management.
When utilizing a multi-chain approach to governance, we believe that both the user experience and governance effectiveness is enhanced through a non-segregated, gas-efficient approach that allows for a much wider inclusion of users. Without a forced native chain, community members can live on any preferred layer one, and still be equally represented in a non-discriminatory manner in the DAO. With the assistance of Kleros and Gnosis, we are able to deliver this revolutionary approach to governance. In spite of the present liquidity fragmentation of governance tokens due to the use of different asset bridges, we are confident in ensuring that regardless of the chosen chain to house New Order tokens, the ability to be represented in DAO governance does not change.
While introducing this innovative governance architecture, we focus on the unique ability of a multi-chain approach to garner strengths of flexibility. The malleable architecture is a product of modularity and efficient upgradability of the deployed system.The blockchain ecosystem is ever growing, and positioning ourselves to capture growth, regardless which chain garners it, is our key point for differentiation and main growth opportunity. Our approach will allow community members to embrace conformity to a united ecosystem, realizing the potential of being agnostic to a single layer one chain.
Though, considering the reality of liquidity concentration and revenue opportunities it would be most reasonable to house the New Order treasury on the Ethereum mainnet at the time of launch. In spite of that, we will be utilizing other layer one chains with lower fees to enable social interactions and on-chain governance activities akin to forums and cross chain communication. In order for the members to receive this benefit the multi-chain vote aggregation module will group votes casted on other chains, in a gas efficient manner, aggregating them on Ethereum.
Since the multi-chain governance mechanism is the first of its kind, we will be launching a “fail-safe” configuration to avoid unforeseen issues and ensure an effortless launch and operations in the early days. Following shortly, full decentralization will follow suit through infrastructure upgrades.
More detailed information will be released as we approach launch. In the meantime we invite you to explore further developments in New Order including our approach to more organized governance through Sub DAO’s and our vision of a Dapp marketplace that will be featured in our ecosystem.