New Order


New Order will be carefully supervised by our governance token, giving community members an unparalleled ability to govern and guide the DAO into the next generation of decentralized finance. The token allows for active involvement in a distributed voting platform for resource appropriation that carefully distributes project funding and rewards to community members. Members such as marketers and influencers will be chosen and rewarded for building awareness and a strong community behind a multitude of launched projects. Further, treasury assets and the revenue generated from the launched projects will be stored in the treasury vault that will be thoughtfully managed through a voting mechanism. Stakeholders, such as researchers and strategists, will be rewarded for creating new investing opportunities, uncovering promising projects, performing due diligence and ensuring that the the assets in the DAO are well positioned for consistent long term success. The tokens themselves can be further utilized in the ecosystem through staking in liquidity mining programs or native DAO vaults, allowing for additional yield to be earned by the holders through an alignment of incentives with the protocol. In true DAO fashion, all endeavors of operations will be under control of a decentralized consortium of token holders, allowing the community to steer innovation in a mission and vision aligned route through a permissionless and truly decentralized ecosystem of New Order.